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Our Spices

Ocho Spices came about from the inability to find spice mixes without all the extras and no MSG.  At home we adapted old recipes and crafted our own blends that you can now enjoy.  Versatile spice blends that give your meal or snack or whatever that extra kick of flavor!

  • Fajita Seasoning - A savory blend for fajitas, poultry, beef, seafood, veggies, yeah pretty much anything.

  • Taco Seasoning - All the flavors you need in one blend for the prefect Taco Tuesday.  Tacos, tostados, burritos. Just mix with your favorite meats, meat alternatives or veggies and enjoy.

  • Guacamole Seasoning - Special blend of spices for the Ultimate Bowl of Guacamole.  Great on sliced avocado, popcorn, veggies, or in your favorite dips and dressings.

  • Ranch Seasoning - Add incredible flavor to your meals and snacks. Make Dips, Dressings, Sprinkle on Popcorn or add to your favorite snack blend.

  • Smoked Salt - What started as a secret ingredient in our salsa is now available for all. Naturally Smoked by Ocho, our tribute to our time down south. Just Salt & Smoke.

  • Jalapeno Salt - A popular blend to add some heat to any dish or as a drink rimmer if you dare!  Add to popcorn for a spicy treat.

  • Dill Salt - Dill-icious!  Great as a finishing salt in soups and on seafood.  Sprinkle on popcorn!

All Seasonings are approximately 3oz and all Salts approximately 4oz.

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