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Gather Around

There are 2 stories here: The start of The Salsa Lady & Ocho Salsa.

​My name is Heather, the Salsa Lady (one of many titles). Growing up in Southern California, salsa was part of most every meal, part of our daily lives. After my parents divorced, I moved across the country but would fly back often to California to visit my dad and other family.  Those times were often spent gathering around  and catching up over a bowl of salsa.

I was able to spend a year at Redondo Beach High School living with my Dad. It was a very busy year for us both but we always made time to catch up each week.  Those times were at our favorite little Mexican restaurant, gathered around our favorite salsa.  The memory of that salsa served as the inspiration for decades of salsa making, changing over time to Ocho's Original Salsa.

Ocho Salsa the business started as an idea after years of friends and family nicely demanding to "Bring the Salsa"!  As a Realtor with my Husband Ron (also salsa tester/COO), I was looking for ways to get out in the community so in 2018 the idea of Ocho Salsa was born.  After seeing the salsa sales from that first season at 1 farm market, we realized the demand for Ocho Salsa.  Ocho expanded to Pittsburgh's largest farm market, the Bloomfield Saturday Market.

COVID and a real estate shutdown allowed (forced) me to focus on Ocho Salsa, realizing how much I love sharing the joy that salsa can bring and the sense of community it can create.  With sales almost doubling annually through new partnerships, we are excited to bring Ocho products to a store near you.  

Ron and I, The Knepper Team of Your Town Reality, are both still licensed agents. If you every have a question or need some help buying/selling a home in the Pittsburgh area, send us an email at TheKnepperTeam@WeSellPgh.Com with some information on your situation.  We are always happy to answer any questions and will let you know if we are currently able to take on additional clients.  

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