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Our Salsa

It All Starts with 8 Simple Ingredients

Fresh, California Style Salsa. A smooth salsa, packed with flavor. Not just an appetizer, Ocho Salsa is a great shortcut to add fresh flavor to your next meal.

Over 20 varieties of fresh salsa from Classics to Crazy (But Delicious!) plus more than just salsa!

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Salsa goes with more than just chips!

Everyone loves Chips & Salsa but there are so many other ways to enjoy our salsa.  Our customers know!  Take a watch.

We appreciate all our Ocho fans and sharing how they incorporate Ocho into their daily meals.

Great, quick way to add some flavor to a meal.

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Ready to Bake Cookies

A new product line from the same makers of Ocho products!

Frozen Cookie Balls, Ready to Bake when the mood hits!  Gourmet, frozen cookie balls in 8 pack regular or 6 pack jumbo sized cookies.  Skip the mess, keep them in the freezer, bake what you want.

Rippled Chocolate Chip, Sprinkle Sugar, Loaded Oatmeal, Loaded Peanut Butter, Trailblazer, and Classic Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip!

Guac Spice2.png

Packed with Flavors!

Take your guac to another level!

Add a little of Ocho's Guacamole Seasoning to your next bowl of guac, you'll never want guac without it!  Also great on sliced avocado, sprinkled on popcorn, and on veggies.

We got you too!

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About Ocho

Gather Around

Life can be hectic. 

At Ocho, our goal is to help slow life down. Take some time to focus on the important people in your life.  Take a moment to celebrate that big or little success.

Gather Around with Friends & Family

Gather Around Ocho

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